How to Score High in Overwatch Junkenstein Endless Arcade Mode

The Junkenstein Arcade mode in Overwatch is a seasonal event available only during the Halloween Terror weeks. It usually comes with two modes – Junkenstein’s Revenge and Junkenstein Endless, each with four difficulties – Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. The harder the game mode, the higher the score you get per second of survival.

junkenstein endless

The revenge mode has a maximum score as it has a maximum number of waves and the game ends at wave 12. The Endless mode, however, has unlimited number of bonus waves after wave 12. You have to try to hold the castle and survive as long as possible to get the highest possible score. If you want to challenge the highest score possible, play the Junkenstein Endless mode.

The 4 Best Picks for Junkenstein

If you are looking to achieve highest possible score, your team must have the 4 heroes combination as listed below as they are the best combination of heroes choices for the Junkenstein mode.

  • Mccree
  • Torbjorn
  • Bridgette
  • Zenyatta
junkenstein endless best heroes

Just have a look at the top 500 highest score players of the Junkenstein Endless mode. You would see only 4 of these heroes on the list. In this guide, we will explain why they are the top picks in this mode and how they work best with each other.

Junkenstein Targets’ Priorities

  1. Rip-Tires – The tires should always be your first priority as they are the main threats that do tons of damage to the castle. Even if there are multiple bosses alive, you will have to ignore them and kill the tires first.
  2. Zombies near the castle’s door – Your second priority is to make sure nothing else comes close to your door. If there is, ignore everything else (except tire) and kill the zombies near your castle’s door first even when there are bosses around.
  3. Bosses – Target The Witch, aka Mercy first whenever possible as she heals the other bosses. If Mercy is dead, target Dr Junkenstein – aka Junkrat first as he deals a lot of damage in Expert / Legendary. In any other situation, target whichever boss (Reaper, Roadhog or Symmetra) that is low on health first. It’s best to target them one by one with your team to quickly kill as many as possible to reduce as many damage as possible that can be done to your team.
  4. The blue bombardier zombie – These things hurts and should be killed as soon as possible to reduce the overall damage done to your team.
  5. Zombies – When the existences of 1-4 as listed above don’t exist, kill zombies to charge up your ult.


The reason Mccree is a must pick is because of his ult – Deadeye, which does a ton of damage to bosses or ending their lives with it. The mode is all about mechanics to kill the bosses as quickly as possible. So, Mccree is definitely the best pick here as the main DPS.

Mccree in junkenstein

As a Mccree, other than killing the zombies, your primary job is to shoot the exploding tires as soon as you hear them coming. Try to charge up your ult as quickly as possible and use it only on bosses.


Place your turret within your sight and in range for quick repair as it will sometimes get targeted by bosses or the blue bombardier zombies that shoot projectiles. If a boss decides to target your turret, you can use your turret as a tank and keep on repairing it while your teammates are killing them and your ult is burning them.

Torb in junkenstein

The main reason Torb is on the list is because it can charge up his ult – Molten Core, very quickly and his ult is one of the highest damage output AOE abilities in game, especially for AI (the bosses) that won’t get out of his ult. Similar to Mccree, use your ult only when there is a huge fight with bosses near the castle door.

Torb molten core junkenstein arcade

Molten core can also be used to surround the castle door when the fight goes chaos. This helps to burn down any leaked tires or zombies as they come forward.


Bridgette is, in all aspects, better than Ana in the Junkenstein mode. Bridgette can passively heal her nearby teammates while hitting enemies. She also has an active heal that is as fast as Mercy’s. Her stun is also useful to stop bosses’ ults such as Roadhog’s Whole Hog and Reaper’s Death Blossom.

Bridgette junkenstein endless

Make sure you don’t go too far away from your teammates. Do not engage alone in the zombies spawn area. Try to use your whip shot to push bosses into Torb’s molten core area when they got out, or whip shot a Reaper when there are multiple reapers around to buy your teammates time. Ult when the fight is in chaos or there are multiple bosses that could risk losing one of your teammate. At any other time, keep hitting enemies so that your teammates can get healed.


The only reason Zen is on the top list is his Orb of Discord – increase the damage the target takes. Discord helps a ton when it comes to killing bosses. It also helps to mark the target so your teammates would know which boss to target first.

Zenyatta junkenstein discord

At any other time, use your healing orb on Bridgette to keep her alive and ult when there is any teammate who is in great danger.


To achieve high score in Junkenstein mode, the hero picks mentioned above are a must. If you are playing alone, try to convince your matched teammate to use them. When all four heroes as mentioned are picked, and your teammates know their heroes well enough, you should be able to survive many bonus waves. Good luck!

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