How to Play Ashe Effectively in Competitive Games

Ashe is a long range (with scope) hitscan DPS hero in Overwatch. She is also one of the highest damage dealers in the entire game due to her powerful dynamite that deals AOE explosive and burning damage to surrounding enemies. She may not be the perfect choice in current meta, but still very much viable in maps with payloads; Playing Ashe in control maps are not as effective as other DPS heroes. Below are several tips and strategies on how you can play her effectively in competitive plays.


How to Score High in Overwatch Junkenstein Endless Arcade Mode

The Junkenstein Arcade mode in Overwatch is a seasonal event available only during the Halloween Terror weeks. It usually comes with two modes – Junkenstein’s Revenge and Junkenstein Endless, each with four difficulties – Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. The harder the game mode, the higher the score you get per second of survival.

junkenstein endless

The revenge mode has a maximum score as it has a maximum number of waves and the game ends at wave 12. The Endless mode, however, has unlimited number of bonus waves after wave 12. You have to try to hold the castle and survive as long as possible to get the highest possible score. If you want to challenge the highest score possible, play the Junkenstein Endless mode.


Symmetra in Hanamura – Teleporter and Sentry Turret Guide

Symmetra is still an absolute beast in the current meta due to her overpowered left-click’s Photon Projector. She has been so OP that Blizzard decided to nerf her Projector’s damage and width back in Sept 2019, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing dominating the game. She is still very much viable as a DPS even after the nerf. She is definitely still the best pick in maps such as Hanamura.

In this guide, we will show you some of the best spots for placing Sym’s sentry turret and teleporter both as a defender or an attacker.


Some Hanzo Tips to Climb the Ranks in Overwatch

Hanzo is a long range sniper and a projectile shooter. If you can land his arrow shots effectively, he can be one of the highest damage output DPS heroes in the game. He is also one of the only two brothers who can climb the walls in the maps.

The main factor to determines how well a Hanzo perform is still the player’s aiming, flicking and tracking skills. There is no workaround or shortcut to get better in aiming skills. You will have to keep practicing and playing the hero to improve it. The other factors that determine how good a Hanzo is are his positioning, abilities timing and target priorities, which we will be talking about in this guide.


5 Important Overwatch Settings for Pro Competitive Plays

There are a lot of options and settings available in Overwatch. You can configure these settings however you want to suit your needs. However, there are a few settings that we think you should know which can help improve your performance in competitive plays. In fact, most pro players will have these settings applied for best game-play experience and some advantages.

Sound: Dolby Atmos For Headphones – Footsteps!

If you use a headphone, you definitely should enable the “Dolby Atmos For Heaphones” setting which can be found in Options > Sound. When this option is enabled, the audio in Overwatch will be rendered by Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. It allows you to better hear the sounds from the surroundings in the game. It is especially useful when it comes to hearing footstep of your enemies when they are close to you and knowing where they come from. You can read more about this technology here.

footstep tracer


Best Heroes for 3v3 Competitive Elimination in Overwatch Arcade

The 3v3 Competitive Elimination is a seasonal Arcade Mode in Overwatch. It is similar to that of the casual 3v3 Elimination. The competitive mode gives players a rank (SR) and reward players with competitive point in the end of the season. This guide shows a list of the top picks and probably the best performed heroes in 3v3 Competitive Elimination mode.

3v3 competitive elimination overwatch

No 1: Roadhog

Roadhog is definitely the best pick here due to his extremely powerful and short cooldown self heal ability. In most 3v3 elimination matches, Roadhog is always the last man standing and in some cases he can actually win a 1v2 or even 1v3 fights.


Is D.Va Still a Good Pick in Competitive Plays?

Yes, she is still very much viable in the ladder now after her matrix buff recently. During the double shield meta back then, DVa is nearly abandoned in high rank games as she is so much at a disadvantage compared to off tanks with shield like Sigma. In this guide, we will show you several abilities and strategy tips on how to play DVa effectively in competitive matches.

Which main tank D.Va works best with?

As classic dive comp, even for the meta now, DVa and Winston combo can still see some plays. This dive comp also works best with diving DPS such as Genji and Tracer.


Roadhog: How to Correctly Hook One Shot Combo in Overwatch

People who are new to Roadhog would usually at the very beginning struggle to make one shot kill happen with his hook combo. Seeing so many other hogs able to do that, but you just can’t do it. Well, there are some tricks that you need to know about the hook one shot kill combo and what the pros usually do before and during the hook that make the kills easy.

Roadhog’s one shot combos

Below are the 3 most common ways of executing Roadhog’s one shot combo:

  • Shoot once + Hook + Headshot + Melee
  • Hook + Walk a step forward to your target + Headshot + Melee
  • Hook + Upon contact pull downward + Headshot + Melee

Overwatch Pro Tips: How to be a Better Reinhardt in Competitive Plays

Reinhardt has been and is still the most popular main tank in Overwatch competitive plays. Reinhardt is an easy tank to start with as a newbie, but it’s also difficult to actually master it and be useful with it. Rein has been always useful regardless of ranks and meta in history of Overwatch. It is definitely a great choice to climb the tank’s ladder.

In this guide, we will show you several tips on how to improve and be effective as a Reinhardt in competitive matches.


How to Climb as McCree in Overwatch Competitive Play

McCree, to be frank, requires good aiming and tracking skills to be effective. Tracking skill is important for all other DPS heroes but not as impactful as McCree’s. Unlike other easier DPS heroes like Reaper, as a McCree, you will need absolute accuracy to actually hit the target. Tracking skill is not the only factor to determine how good you are as a McCree; Positioning, target priorities, Flashbang’s and Deadeye’s timing are all as important to be a good McCree player.



In most cases, you should be behind your tank’s shields while dealing damages to the enemy team. Depending on your team’s plan, if your team is looking to break shields and have a shield fight, you will have to be with your team and behind your tanks while pushing the enemy team or picking kills.