Close laptop and use external monitor display

How to Close Laptop But Still Use External Monitor on Windows 10

There are times when we only want to run the laptop on an external monitor without laptop screen staying on (or with lid closed). However, without proper settings, your laptop will go into sleep mode, hibernate or even shut down when you try to close the lid or attempt to switch off its screen.


How to Switch Between Headphones and Speakers in Windows 10

How to Switch Between Headphones and Speakers in Windows 10

If you have one or multiple pairs of headphones and speakers all connected to a same computer, instead of having to repeatedly plugging and unplugging your headphones or speakers, you can easily switch between them in Windows 10.

How to switch between audio devices in Windows 10

To quickly switch between headphones, speakers or other audio devices, follow the steps below. (more…)

dropbox is full message

“Your Dropbox is Full” or “Almost Full” Message, What can you do?

Getting annoyed by the non-stop pop up of “Your Dropbox is full” or “Your Dropbox is almost full” notification message? Dropbox will continue to show the notification every times you boot your PC and at a certain time everyday to remind you how long it has been stop syncing your files due to maximum storage space reached in your Dropbox account. (more…)

Fix: System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled Nvlddmkm.sys

This post explains the error System Thread Exception Not Handled Nvlddmkm.sys BSOD in Windows 10, why it’s showing up and how you can fix it. Also applicable to similar error system thread exception not handled atikmdag.sys, ntfs.sys, acpi.sys, dxgmms2.sys, ntoskrnl.exe, wdf01000.sys, bcmwl63a.sys, or lvrs64.sys.

Very often when end users like us meet these problems and post help on Microsoft’s support forum or anywhere else, we tend to always get copy pasted replies such as to use a Windows installation disc to run a startup repair, perform automatic system clean up, rollback system to a previous restore point, reinstall Windows 10, etc which most of the time didn’t help to fix the problem entirely.


How to Play Ashe Effectively in Competitive Games

Ashe is a long range (with scope) hitscan DPS hero in Overwatch. She is also one of the highest damage dealers in the entire game due to her powerful dynamite that deals AOE explosive and burning damage to surrounding enemies. She may not be the perfect choice in current meta, but still very much viable in maps with payloads; Playing Ashe in control maps are not as effective as other DPS heroes. Below are several tips and strategies on how you can play her effectively in competitive plays.


How to Score High in Overwatch Junkenstein Endless Arcade Mode

The Junkenstein Arcade mode in Overwatch is a seasonal event available only during the Halloween Terror weeks. It usually comes with two modes – Junkenstein’s Revenge and Junkenstein Endless, each with four difficulties – Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. The harder the game mode, the higher the score you get per second of survival.

junkenstein endless

The revenge mode has a maximum score as it has a maximum number of waves and the game ends at wave 12. The Endless mode, however, has unlimited number of bonus waves after wave 12. You have to try to hold the castle and survive as long as possible to get the highest possible score. If you want to challenge the highest score possible, play the Junkenstein Endless mode.


Symmetra in Hanamura – Teleporter and Sentry Turret Guide

Symmetra is still an absolute beast in the current meta due to her overpowered left-click’s Photon Projector. She has been so OP that Blizzard decided to nerf her Projector’s damage and width back in Sept 2019, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing dominating the game. She is still very much viable as a DPS even after the nerf. She is definitely still the best pick in maps such as Hanamura.

In this guide, we will show you some of the best spots for placing Sym’s sentry turret and teleporter both as a defender or an attacker.


Some Hanzo Tips to Climb the Ranks in Overwatch

Hanzo is a long range sniper and a projectile shooter. If you can land his arrow shots effectively, he can be one of the highest damage output DPS heroes in the game. He is also one of the only two brothers who can climb the walls in the maps.

The main factor to determines how well a Hanzo perform is still the player’s aiming, flicking and tracking skills. There is no workaround or shortcut to get better in aiming skills. You will have to keep practicing and playing the hero to improve it. The other factors that determine how good a Hanzo is are his positioning, abilities timing and target priorities, which we will be talking about in this guide.