Some Hanzo Tips to Climb the Ranks in Overwatch

Hanzo is a long range sniper and a projectile shooter. If you can land his arrow shots effectively, he can be one of the highest damage output DPS heroes in the game. He is also one of the only two brothers who can climb the walls in the maps.

The main factor to determines how well a Hanzo perform is still the player’s aiming, flicking and tracking skills. There is no workaround or shortcut to get better in aiming skills. You will have to keep practicing and playing the hero to improve it. The other factors that determine how good a Hanzo is are his positioning, abilities timing and target priorities, which we will be talking about in this guide.

Positioning as a Hanzo

As both a sniper and a long range DPS hero, high ground will always be your advantage ground. One thing Hanzo is a better hero than other DPS is his ability to climb walls in the maps so that he can climb onto any high ground he wants and utilize his advantage there.

When you are on a high ground, especially those hard to reach ones, you will have much better view and angle of engagement of the enemy team. You can land your shots on enemy players behind a shield if you get a good angle from a high ground. Even if you can’t pick kills, you will definitely be a serious threat to the enemy team and they will have to pay some attentions to you, thus, distracted by you while your teammates continue to push them. It’s also much harder for your enemy team to land shots to you from below when you are on the high ground.

When there is no high ground nearby, stick with your tank and be safe until you find a place where you can flank from above.

Target Priorities – Who do you shoot first

This is more about who do you try to kill first. Some Hanzos, especially in the low ranks, they hardly can land their shots on smaller enemies so instead they shoot the tanks first despite they are constantly getting healed up. This is wrong when you also have clear sight of any of their support or DPS. You should be trying to pick their support first.

As a DPS, your primary job is to pick kills whenever possible. If you have line of sight of any of your enemy team’s support or left alone DPS, you will have to try to kill them first and not the tank.

If the enemy supports are out of sight or are protected by a shield and there is no way to land your arrows to them, only then you help your team to bombard the shields and the tanks.

Other than that, if there is any flanker trying to flank your support or your other teammates, you will have to deal with him first.

When do you use your Storm Arrows?

I would say as frequent as possible. Storm Arrow ability is a big part of your overall damage output. Storm arrows travel faster, thus easier to hit your target, and has a higher DPS compare to your normal arrows. Try to use it whenever possible and when it’s off cooldown.

It’s especially useful when you have to deal with an enemy at close range combat. Always try to aim at the head and get a headshot or two. At any other time, just use it to shoot the tanks or break their shields.

When do you ult – Dragonstrike?

Dragonstrike is one of the easiest ult to dodge. In most cases, you would be seeing yourself using it to zone out your enemy team while pushing forward. In other words, you can use your Dragonstrike to block the escape route of your enemy team while pushing them with your teammates.

You can also use your Dragonstrike to combo with other crowd control ults such as the most common one – Zarya’s Graviton Surge, to get more values out of it.

Also try to look out for when the enemy players are at a place where there is no exit such as some rooms in the maps, you can use your Dragonstrike to attempt the kills.


As for other abilities such as Sonic Arrow and double jump are pretty much self explained. Use your sonic arrows to check on corners or check on the enemy spawn to see what heroes they have prior to game starts.

Hanzo is a projectile DPS hero. It takes a ton of practices to actually get good with it. Just keep playing him and follow the tips above. You should be able to see improvements from your elimination and hero damages as you play.

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