Best Heroes for 3v3 Competitive Elimination in Overwatch Arcade

The 3v3 Competitive Elimination is a seasonal Arcade Mode in Overwatch. It is similar to that of the casual 3v3 Elimination. The competitive mode gives players a rank (SR) and reward players with competitive point in the end of the season. This guide shows a list of the top picks and probably the best performed heroes in 3v3 Competitive Elimination mode.

3v3 competitive elimination overwatch

No 1: Roadhog

Roadhog is definitely the best pick here due to his extremely powerful and short cooldown self heal ability. In most 3v3 elimination matches, Roadhog is always the last man standing and in some cases he can actually win a 1v2 or even 1v3 fights.


The trick here is to engage with hook and left-click combo, then disengage and use your “take a breather” to heal yourself if you are hurt and wait for your hook cooldown. Once your hook is off cooldown, engage again. Repeat until all enemies are down.

No 2: Mei

Mei is probably the strongest hero in 1v1 fights due to her immunity self-healing ice block and ability to freeze an enemy or multiple enemies entirely. In 3v3 fights, Mei’s wall is extremely useful to split apart enemy team and kill them one by one. Even if you are left alone, Mei would often able to win a 1v2 fights. Your plays would be: Freeze, headshot, ice block, and then freeze another enemy, headshot to death. Not to mention when you have ult, the game will instantly ends with your victory.


No 3: Mercy

It almost a must to choose Mercy at least once in the “best of 3” games. Mercy’s revive is like adding extra chances for your team and it’s unlimited as long as you stay alive until your next off cooldown. Mercy damage boost also helps your DPS to pick kills easier. Mercy is often seen with Pharah in 3v3 as when the enemy team has no hitscan that particular round, it’s almost guaranteed that you win the round. Anyway, Mercy works fine with any other DPS.


No 4: Moira

Moira is also one of the few heroes that can self-heal but she is a little different. She can heal herself while dealing damage to an enemy using her Biotic Grasp, like a life leech or life steal ability. Moira is also very strong when it comes to 1v1 situation. You can throw a Biotic Orb and use your right-click at the same time, and your target would usually be dead in about 2 seconds. Moira is good at healing, self sustaining and even killing. Her ult is also one of the easiest to charge ult in Overwatch. You can pretty much use one ult per round in the 3v3 elimination matches.


No 5: Mccree

Mccree’s Flashbang almost always guarantees a kill. He is well-known for the best hero in Arcade’s Deathmatch mode due to his ability to stun players. With a good support, you can easily pick kills in the 3v3 elimination matches. Alternatively, you can play aggressively by flanking your enemy support alone. He’s probably the best DPS hero in 3v3 elimination other than those who can self-heal.


No 6: Soldier 76

And yes, 3v3 elimination is all about self sustaining. Soldier’s Biotic field is not only able to heal yourself but also your teammates who stay around your field. Soldier’s Helix rockets, when used correctly, can be deadly to some heroes below 200 health. His sprint allows you to quickly position yourself to your advantage (high ground). A soldier basically sprint to a high ground, try to pick a kill, run away and use Biotic field, and engage again.

Soldier 76

No 7: D.Va

Dva, in theory, has unlimited life as long as you can stay alive when you are out of your mech and charge your mech again with your Baby Dva’s handgun. Well, it’s easy said than done, but if you have good support, you can basically trade enemy with your mech and then retreat until you can re-mech, and engage again with your new mech. It’s a good pick if your teammates are diving heroes.


Good… but not as great

Reaper – Self-heal on hit (life leech) and great for counter Roadhog and other tanks. He also have both great flanking and retreat ability.

Bridgette – Self-heal and healing teammates around while hitting enemy. Bridgette’s abilities very much self explained. She can do damage, heal allies and be an aggressive semi-tank.

Torbjorn – Torb’s turret is like another hero that fights for you. If your team has a shield pick, you can rush towards to the capturing point and force your enemy to engage you with your bunker setup. You will surely have the advantage in that case.

Pharah – Best used with Mercy. If your enemy doesn’t pick a hitscan that round, it will be a easy win as they cant re-pick in 3v3 elimination matches.

Lucio – Depending on the map, if there are cliffs, holes or any terrain where you boop and do some environmental kills, he’s a pretty good pick as well.

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