Simple Tips to Be a Better Soldier 76 in Competitive Plays

Soldier 76 is probably the most common and easiest to use hero for every beginner in Overwatch due to his similarity as a first person shooter character in other FPS games. Soldier 76 is also the starting hero everyone uses in the training mode in Overwatch. He is easy to use but not as easy to master.


How to Pick Kills With Doomfist, What Are His Combos?

Doomfist is one of the few flanking type of DPS heroes in the game that does damages in close-range combat. As a Doomfist, you will have to flank your enemy team with surprise moves and exit the fight once you pick a kill or two. Here are some tips on how to use his abilities to combo an enemy player to death and things you need to know to be a better DF.


The Correct Way to Play Moira in Competitive Games

Moira is one of the few main healers in Overwatch. She has the highest pick rate in competitive matches due to her easiness to play and the huge contributions she can give to her team consistently. Below are a few tips on how to use her effectively and what to avoid in competitive plays.

Moira is a healer, not a DPS

If you have been playing competitive matches, you would have noticed that some players who play Moira would go fully offensive and engage aggressively without concerning too much about the health of their teammates. That’s when people keep complaining their teams having a “DPS Moira” that doesn’t heal. Well, though Moira can actually deal a ton of damages (sometimes even getting the Gold damage medal), that is certainly not the correct way to play Moira.


Orisa Pro Tips – Tanking Effectively in Overwatch Competitive Matches

Orisa is one of the two main shield tanks (the other one is Reinhardt) in Overwatch. In most competitive games, each team will have either Orisa or Rein as their main shield tank. Orisa has always been one of the top picks regardless the meta as she has been useful in all kind of situation as a main tank. If you want to climb the rank with Orisa, below are a few tips that may help you be a better Orisa in competitive plays.


Zarya’s Role and Responsibility in Ranked Games

The hero – Zarya, is one of the few tanks in Overwatch game. Beside being a tank, you can only use her as an off tank. A decent team should consist of one main tank and one off tank to be called competitive. If you have a team with two off tanks, your team will clearly be at a disadvantage and will usually be outplayed.

Zarya Overwatch - How to Play Zarya

Zarya’s Responsibilities and Positioning

When you play Zarya, your responsibility as an off tank is to:

  • contest the objective with your main tank,
  • stay alive,
  • try to protect your supports from dying,
  • and deal as much damage as you can to the enemy.